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If you were to speak to a gardener, a woodworker or a sculptor, you’d learn that the act of sharpening a tool is just as monumental as the tool itself. A sharpened pruner can glide through the most resilient branches, a polished blade will lend itself to refined cuts and a honed chisel will carve out the most fluid details. Our responsibility in working with tools, nevertheless, far exceeds their sharpening. In order to be meaningful, our tools must align to the needs of the environment. Over the years, the tools we use have co-evolved with us, to an extent where the modern sculptor now no longer uses antlers to carve out soft stone. In the art of life, our skills are our tools. In order to make our experiences frictionless, our skills must not only be sharpened but also adapted to the demands of an ever-changing society.
It is common knowledge that human beings exist in tandem with each other. To build a progressive society, we must first and foremost, learn to communicate effectively. In recent years, the mediums through which we interact have transformed. In-person conversations have now been replaced by digital interactions and digitally driven platforms have more or less revolutionized our daily communication. This change, albeit rapid, is both significant and enduring. In order to retain the efficacy with which we engage with one another, we must both sharpen our existing skills as well as adapt, by developing new ones. We, at Xtraview, acknowledge this need and believe that effective digital communication rests equally on both minor and major aspects of your presentation. Your appearance, setting and body language therefore, are just as important in delivering your message as your speaking skills and critical thinking abilities.

Spanning across three days, the first Xtraprep workshop will be held online, in the last week of December ‘20. Conducted by our founders Katherine Ernst Mehta and Kavitta B. Bedi, the workshop will involve an interactive webinar, and a live 15-minute interview with an expert interviewer. Each batch will accommodate a maximum of 10 students, in order to maximize productivity, increase collaborative participation and guarantee a vibrant, interconnected experience. At a nominal surcharge, students will also have access to an added one-on-one mentoring session. This particular sitting will be tailored to the child’s distinctive requirements and will include a practice interview session, improvement-oriented coaching and constructive feedback on their digital performances. Both students and parents are welcome to attend the hour-long session. Those who choose to opt out of private mentoring will have their interview recordings and evaluations of written assessments emailed to them, on the final day.

In many ways, it is in our approach of relevance, exploration and vitality, that we have found our own X factor. The modern world is digital and a digital world encourages us to embrace novel skills, unearth ingenious solutions and challenge the status quo. By combining innovation with robust training, Xtraprep paves the way for a unique co-constructed environment. Not only do we foster participatory learning, but also encourage students to consistently question, challenge and reflect upon their abilities. That each child offers something irreplaceable, is a belief that seeps into the very foundation of our service. By choosing Xtraprep, we can only hope to transform that belief into your reality.

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