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The current economic scenario and the tumultuous times that the business world is facing, makes it very tough for students to find internship and placement opportunities.
In fact, it is critical for aspiring candidates to use all tools and methods in their repertoire to make themselves stand out in the pool of applicants.
Xtraview offers college students the opportunity to reveal that extra spark in their personality through recording live, unscripted interviews which they can share along with written applications and resumes and submit to prospective internship companies and hiring managers.

How it works:

Students register for the Xtraview interview.

Prior to the interview, they take part in a 90-minute “How to Ace your digital interview” and “How to curate your elevator pitch” workshop, led by one of our expert trainers.

Following the workshop, students record their interview and elevator pitch.
Students will receive their interview recordings, which they can then share with the organisations to which they are applying. Since it is a crisp 10-minute conversation, it will give the assessor content, in a swift, compact timed capsule.
We will have the interview stored for a period of 12 months at our cost, so students can choose to share it with multiple organisations over a year with no additional charge.
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