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Because Life is Not a Test

Xtraview interviews allow applicants to demonstrate their speaking, writing, and soft skills that are crucial to their success at your institution and beyond.

Promoting Equity in Admissions

Other aspects of the application can be gamed. Our secure, unscripted recorded interviews give you the
opportunity to truly assess the skills that matter. Recorded interviews also give equal opportunity to students, regardless of where they live. Students do not need to travel to another city for an in-person interview, saving them time and money.

More Interviews in Less Time

Recorded interviews are an incredibly efficient way to evaluate applicants, without the hassle of scheduling mutually convenient times. Your admissions team can review interviews wherever and whenever.

Information You Can Trust

Each and every interview is live, unscripted, unedited, and interactive. Questions are different for each interview, and the live writing sample gives you a true picture of a candidate’s writing skills.

How the Process Works for Institutions

A simple link will reach your inbox. The recorded interview is a crisp 10-minute conversation, giving you content in a swift, compact timed capsule.

All you need to do is to click, watch and assess. We will have the interview stored for up to 12 months at our cost so you will have access to it on demand with no costs attached. We would welcome the opportunity to partner with your institution. Contact us today!