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How it works 1

Why Xtraview

  • You are more than a test score, and your life story cannot possibly be captured in a 250-word essay or a two-page resume.
  • Do not let yourself be limited by test marks and application essay prompts.
  • Reveal the extra spark in your personality by taking the XTRAVIEW interview.
  • This unscripted, unedited conversation will allow you to reveal all facets of your personality and talk about the ideas, experiences, interests and hobbies that matter to you.
  • Showcase your poise, communication skills and potential by offering admission officers glimpses into your true personality.

How It Works

The Xtraview interview is a live recorded, unscripted interview between you and one of our expert interviewers.
  • After logging in, you choose the day, date and timing to book your live      online interview.
  • During your scheduled interview, have a unfiltered, spontaneous conversation with the interviewer in which you express your ideas,opinions and thoughts.
  • We record the unedited conversation, and then share the on-demand video with the universities you elect to send it to, enabling you to share who you really are and how well you can express yourself with all colleges and universities where you are seeking admission.

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