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Every course, college, internship, job, and learning opportunity has moved onto a digital platform. It is now a life skill for children to know how to communicate and conduct themselves online and in person. Knowing how to ace an interview and shine in any formal interaction could well be the edge in helping your child secure that coveted leadership role, get into the college of their dreams, or land their first internship or job.

The world needs communicators and collaborators, equip your child with the skills to succeed in our new world, by enrolling them in the Xtraprep Communications Workshop today.

About the Workshop

The Xtraprep Digital Interaction Workshop is a 3-day programme designed to prepare students in Class 8-12 to succeed in their own interviews and formal interactions. By the end of the workshop, participants will:

The workshop also offers a unique opportunity for participating students: students can opt for a one-on-one coaching and mentoring session, at an additional cost, to review the feedback and practice strategies for improvement. Parents are also welcome to attend this session.


To register for the workshop please email contact@xtraview.in or call/whatsapp us on +91 9643702722


The workshop will be spread over 3 days and will be conducted over Zoom.

Day 1: 90-minute interactive webinar on 15 key criteria to ace your interviews and formal interactions. The webinar will consist of three 25-minute segments, with 5-minute breaks in between.

Day 2: Timing will be communicated to participants for one-on-one interactions, including an interview
Individual 15-minute digital interviews with one of our expert interviewers. The interview will be recorded, and students will receive their interview recording at the end of the programme along with a detailed written assessment of the child’s performance in an actual interview.

Day 3: Timing will be communicated to participants who opt for the one-on-one 60-minute mentorship and coaching session. Students receive their interview recordings and written feedback and evaluation. Students who have opted for the additional mentoring session will receive individualized feedback and coaching in one-on-one sessions, including a live, practice session for the child to better their techniques.



What students are saying

“I found the Xtraprep interview workshop to be extremely useful! It helped me recognise a few important aspects of taking an interview which I was unaware of. Their 15-step programme has been extremely useful in explaining the categories of interest that a college or organisation looks for. The mock interview also helped me understand and use my newfound knowledge on interview taking. I recommend this programme, and it has definitely helped me a lot!”

-Noor, Wellington College, UK

“The Xtraprep Interview Workshop would be an extremely helpful experience for any high school student, such as myself. I was immediately put at ease by the friendliness and openness of our instructors and did not have to hesitate to ask any questions. Their unparalleled expertise in the matter of training students for interviews taught me the necessary skills required in an easy-to-understand and crisp manner. The Mock Interview segment was especially enriching, as I was given a medium to instantly put to the test my knowledge gained from the workshop. This workshop is an exceptionally beneficial resource to anyone who’s got any sorts of interviews coming up in the future. Thank you!”

-Jay, Vasant Valley School